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Signage is an important tool for your businesses. It identifies your product or service, draws attention to your location and helps customers find your business easily.  In Victor, signage enforcement is managed through the Victor Building Department.

To Apply for a Sign: (5 easy steps to signage!)
Step 1.
   The Village and the Town of Victor share the same Code Enforcement Officer. Contact the Victor Building Department at (585) 742-5035 to obtain a sign application or click on the link below. All signs in the Village are approved by the Planning Board, contact the Village Hall at (585) 924-3311 for information regarding meetings. In the Village All Temporary and Portable Signs require a permit, call the Village to obtain an application or click on the link below. 

Step 2.   Complete the application, provide a rendering of what the sign will look like and map out the desired location of the sign. Sign renderings may be sketched or computer generated. The important features are to show the color scheme, dimemsions and state the type of material used for constructing the sign. (Wood, Plastic, etc.)  The location map is needed to understand the projected placement of the sign.  If you're mounting the sign on a building, be sure to show the sign rendering imposed on a picture of the building. The application will need to be accompanied by these additional documents.

Step 3.   Once completed, submit the application for review. If the sign location is in the Village, submit the application to the Village offices. (Address below.) They will then add your application to the Planning Board agenda for review. For a Town of Victor sign, submit your application to the Victor Building Department. (Address below.)

Step 4.   After review, you will be notified of the outcome of the decision. Once approved, the business owner may have the sign constructed.

Step 5.  Once constructed and installed, contact the Victor Building Department and schedule an inspection. Call: (585) 742-5035. Once the inspection is complete, you're done!

If you have any questions on any area of the signage requirements, call for help. It is best to get the facts and some advice up front rather than after mistakes are made. Avoid problems and increase your chances of compliance.

Plan ahead! The Village of Victor Planning Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Have your application submitted three weeks prior to the meeting.

Never Assume!

Contact Information:
Village of Victor
60 East Main Street
Victor, New York 14564
(585) 924-3311
Fax: (585) 924-0282

Town of Victor
85 East Main Street
Victor, New York 14564
(585) 742-5035
Fax: (585) 924-0202

Alan Benedict, Code Enforcement

Sean McAdoo, Code Coordinator

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